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I just ordered extra strength .My psoriasis is very bad and proz92 is the only thing that helps I have all kinds of medicines from doctors the only thing that ever helped was proz92 Hope it works again thank you Barbara USA August 21, 2014

Hi Said
The pro z treatment is for my wife Nicola who used pro z a couple of years ago with astonishing results. Unfortunately she has had a massive flare up. UK experts saying one of the worst cases they have ever seen. (Virtually most of her body) This order will be the 3rd bottle in this course of treatment and again we are both seeing the results. Some patches already gone and the rest starting to retreat. Keep up the good work. We can’t recommend your product enough.
If you need any testimonials do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks Said
W & N S June 19 2014 UK

Let me tell you, if it wasn't for proZ92 I would be a total and complete mess. I don't believe that it is a cure but it sure controls the flare ups better than anything I have tried. Have used no prescription creams or ointments since starting with proZ92. This disease it a real nightmare--could not live without your product.
Thank you so much.
G T USA June 3, 2014

Dear Said.
A few years back I had psoriasis on my back. The skin doctor provided me with some cortisone cream, which I refused to use. Thats when I came across Pro Z92. And it helped me. Now I have got an outbreak on my leg and two small outbreaks on my stomach. I reckon that what I bought then is too old, so I ordered a new bottle. I am also aware of my nutrition and think that summer sun and bathing in the salt North Sea will do good. I am looking forward to receive the new bottle, and will follow your advise.
A-G Denmark March 19, 2014

Hello, Thank you for sending my ProZ92, I am happy to say that I have had wonderful results; I couldn't be more happier and thoroughly excited about the product after using it for a week. I've only been using it for 9 days now and was wanting to know, can I apply it once every night instead of once every second night?? Because I am delighted with the results I'm thinking if I apply it more frequently it would be better, am I right in thinking this? or not? In any case would you please let me know. Thank you, and thank you ever so much for discovering ProZ92, it's truly a miracle solution to psoriasis, especially after I thought I could never find anything that would help me with my psoriasis - now I'm so happy I found your product, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Kind Regards & Best Wishes
E T New Zealand March 19, 2014

I have ordered it several times and it works great! I should no better than to let myself run out! Thanks for a great product!
E S USA March 6, 2014

After two years of using this stupid cream prescribed by my Dermatologist (ketoconazole) with very little positive results, I tried Proz92 and what a miracle. It's only been one week and the improvement is dramatic. Areas on the nose and bridge of the nose which were always red are now clear. Soon, I will send before and after pictures of my face as documentation. Proz92 is a great product; I will tell my Dermatologist at Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles, all about it so he can instruct all his psoriasis patients to use Proz92. Just cannot tell you how gratified I am.
Thank you Moady.
G T, USA November 7, 2013.

The product is outstanding. It delivers what is promised. It works as you say.
It is excellent in removing "solar keratosis", something my Doctor said, there nothing you can do about it, there are no treatments for it. It works like a treat.
J A, Australia October 20 2013

My wife who suffers from it couldn't be happier. Even went off the medication the specialist put her on as it was not as effective as the ProZ92 She thanks you for giving her some normality back into her life. Cheers, Greg Australia Sep 26 2013

Best Said !
I have been very happy according my health and especially my psoriasis. I have been free from symptoms for a long time. Many thanks to you !! I have a couple of small spots its all. The summer is still here but I now want to be prepared for the coming long winter season so I have now ordered one bottle of Pro Z92. I hope everything is good with you because for me you are a key person.
Kind regards G. L. Finland Aug 19 2013

Hello there,
Thank you for Pro Z92. I have actually bought it for my dad. And!!!!I am so happy for him. Finally something is actually working!!! He really is making a huge progress to recovery. Thank you ever so much for your product and best wishes to heal more people with psoriasis.
Kindest Regards from Latvia July 20 2013

Amazing results,
I am buying more because I am in the USA now and want to take more back to Brazil because I will be there for 1 year, I used 1 bottle over 6 weeks and have great results, although I stopped using the medicine about 4 weeks ago and my skin is staying pretty clear.
Thank You, Deborah USA May 24, 2013

Hello Said ... this is my start of the 5th week now ... It's lighter in color some places look clear. I'm happy with the treatment because there's no new pink patches coming back ... I need to put in for another order thanks very much again. U B Aril 28, 2013 Canada

This is my 3rd week using your product. Although my psoriasis is mild they are all over the body. I've had them since I was 7yrs old, (now 60) your product is working slowly on ridding the plaques. Some have gone completely, while others for some reason are a little more stubborn. I found Olay; "sensitive skin" gave more relief to the itching The only thing that upsets me about your product is that not one skin specialist has informed me of it. I have told as many fellow sufferers as I can about your product and will continue to do so.
Regards, M B Australia March 26, 2013

Moady I have just placed another order for 2 of your PROZ92 - I bought 2 recently and it is working fantastically. C J UK March 7, 2013
Thanks Said,

It flared up again after a few nice years, just try some wheat germ oil And wait for the Z92. Appreciate your research and efforts very much.
Peace H K Australia March 6 2013

Thank you very much. It really works. Hopefully, some day I will forget about this decease... Thank you for helping people!
K B Canada March 5, 2013

Thank you said. You were correct, I have been applying moisturizing lotion and my skin is a lot better. The plaques are healing from the inside out. I mainly have "rings" now, do I apply the medication only to the red areas the circumference of the ring? How would I know that the psoriasis is gone so I can to stop the application? For the first time in years I shaved my legs without bleeding!
M. Feb 16 2013 USA

Dear Said,
I've been using Pro Z92 for one week, and I am happy to see a change for better. From this week I should start to use it every second day everywhere or only on those spots which are starting to heal? My scalp is still really bad and my genitals to. I am using the sweet almond oil only when I fell them itchy, is that right, or should I use it even if they are not itchy? I am very happy that finally I found something which is really helping!
Thank you. K V Canada Jan 19 2013.

We purchased our Pro Z a few years ago and had fantastic results on our daughters scalp; the psoriasis is now returning we still have a whole bottle. Is there and expiry day on the effectiveness? Thanks S W Australia Jan 18 2013.

Hello Said,
The treatment has gone very well on my face and I am impressed with how much difference your formula has made. There was a chemical burn initially, but when the skin peeled off, it didn't have the same growth pattern as before. Although there is some residual redness and patches of flakiness, the large areas of irritation are gone.
P M. USA Jan 17 2013

Hi Said
I used proz92 in 2009 with excellent results. Just now have enough new spots to begin to treat again. The last time it took 5 months to clear a whole body attack. I hope to prevent it from spreading to whole body this time. No I do not scratch! Thank you for proz92!!!
M L M Jan 6 2013 USA

Dear Said
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will come back and order more ProZ92 in the beginning of next year (the psoriasis has disappeared about 50% , I will not give up yet).
Kind regards
G L Dec 23 2012 Finland

Hello Said. At first could not see an improvement. But then it suddenly started to work. My legs and back where most intense areas are covered, were looking very good and starting to look much clearer. Strong dark Hairs have started to grow back onto my legs where nothing was growing before. But then run out of Z 92 and did not re order for a while so relapse started to take place. After re ordering the condition started to look better. Talked and visited my doctor about your medication. He was not happy... But when I showed him the results after my first two bottles that I used on my body (legs and back) he was very. Yes very impressed with the results... He asked for your web site details.
Many thanks. P B Dec 20 2012 UK

Dear Said
I bought the ProZ92 for my son (30) who is experiencing a big flare up following steroid treatment. So far things are going well with Pro Z92 and I want to make sure he doesn’t run out as the holiday period will cause delays in mail delivery. Meanwhile I send you my very best wishes,
Sue. Dec 18 12 UK

Hi Said, thanks! All is going well! My skin is really responding to the double strength pro z92, I really feel that I can see the end of the tunnel now; I may have my first Christmas with clear skin which will be great!
S D Nov 25 2012 UK

Dear Said, Has been using the lotion for more than 10days now, it’s definitely working and thank you, but I still find the itching very serious that it’s impossible not to scratch ,this of course makes the symptoms recurring and hampers the treatment. Please advise if anything can be used apart from wheat germ oil and sweet almond oil, or is the diet has anything to do with it? Thank you in advance.
Regards! M. King. UK Nov 19 2012 proz92 is the best treatment I have ever used, it doesn’t work very well on my scalp but has cleared my torso where my love one likes to lay her head, before I would discourage such a thing, thank you for proz92,it also works well on my legs to where I can wear shorts again.
Danny M Sept 20 2012 USA

Good day! I wish to inform and greatly appreciate you about your product PROZ92. For my 12 week treatment, my psoriasis in my body has almost gone. I’m very much satisfied on proz92. However, my scalp psoriasis needs more treatment, so I am ordering a 1 bottle. Please send me the information on which I will send the money trough Western Union. Thank you very much and more power.
Marvin. S. C Sep 18 2012 Philippines

Hi Said
My name is Smadar and you treated me 20 years ago for psoriasis. Back then it disappeared after very few treatments and I had it only in my scalp. I had a break from it for a very long time (more than 5 years). When I moved to Montreal It came back in a very mild form and I was looking for you to get it again but I could not find you. In any case, I have it again now in few other parts of my body, and I was wondering if you ship the product Z92 to Canada... Please let me know, as I am a bit devastated of the condition of it. many thanks and have a wonderful week Ana S. Sep 18 2012 Canada

My sincere Thanks to you and all your team for your product. I was a little sceptical when I first saw your web site, but went on faith and ordered the product. After following the instructions I awaited the 8-11 days and was absolutely delighted when the “scabbing” started. I am very grateful for your wonder product and have referred the product to close family and friends already. Keep up the great work, long may your product be available!
Best Regards
I P July 19 2012 New Zealand

Thanks Said, I have been free of Psoriasis for4years after using your product, I tell everyone! However I have one tiny spot on my leg and its coming back mildly in my scalp, so I will use your amazing lotion and am confident it will take care of it. I am using Argon oil but will get some almond oil too. Thank you; I am blessed to have found your website.
Irene June 10, 2012 USA

I have used ProZ92 for several months, and it has worked very well. I have also recommended it to others, and those who used it also reported back that they were grateful for the recommendation as it worked for them as well.

Keep in mind you still want to find the cause of your psoriasis to get 100% clearance. (I went from 90% covered to 90% clear). Gluten, yeast, black pepper, chocolate, nightshade vegetables (I forget the substance they contain), and other foods may trigger psoriasis.
Posted by S. CA USA

Said, this batch of 92 does not seem as strong as the last batch. It does work, better than anything else I've tried. You know God has blessed the Jews, and I am not surprise that you have come up [with a safe alternative.
Don USA Apr 18 2012

Hi, l am very pleased with my results using your proz92.
Thank you and thank God for your amazing product. Roberta.
Australia March 13 2012

Dear Said,
I am doing very well with the product, and the improvement is steady. There are some points and places that there is improvement but the psoriasis insists, however I insist with the product. My hands and figures are already clear but I still use the product every other day in these points. I am very happy. Just to be quite with myself, and because the posting takes a few days, I have just put another order via the site for 2 bottles. Once again, thank you very much.
Best regards, S Delis Greece Marc 7 2012.

Thank you Said,
It progresses really well. I used to have it a lot on my scalp, But it has disappeared mostly, This new batch will be maintenance mainly. I have recommended the product to various folk.
Thanks again, Take care and God bless.
Dave Australia Feb 29 20012

Dear Said,
I received the Pro Z92 and have been using it for 3 days . I just wanted to say thank you; nothing I have ever used gave such quick relief from the symptoms (particularly the constant itching sensation). Only after 3 days I have already noticed a difference. My psoriasis was never very extensive but it was on my hands which was quite limiting. I had tried steroid creams for 30 years and while they offered a temporary solution it usually took a few weeks of application before I noticed any change. This felt different immediately and the inflammation has settled after day 3. I am just waiting for the patches to actually clear up. This has already started.
A very big thank you.
J W Australia Feb 23 20012

My sincere Thanks to you and all your team for your product.
I was a little sceptical when I first saw your web site, but went on faith and ordered the product. After following the instructions I awaited the 8-11 days and was absolutely delighted when the “scabbing” started. I am very grateful for your wonder product and have referred the product to close family and friends already. Keep up the great work, long may your product be available!
Best Regards
I P July 19 2012 New Zealand

Hi Said,
the treatment has been amazing my arm and body are healing amazingly I am so grateful to God for you and PRO Z92 it has only been a couple of weeks and most of the psoriasis that has plaque my body for years has disappeared, my skin on the back of my legs is itchy but what a relief compared to what i have lived with,
thank you so much. B Lion,
New Zealand Feb 20 2012

Dear Said,
I am in the best condition since 1995!! And thank you very much for that. The scratch momentum fades away slowly-slowly day by day. Hope everything is ok, with you. Thank you for your advice. Best regards,
S Delis Greece Jan 17 2012

Dear Said,
I am doing very well with the product, and the improvement is obvious every day. My hands and figures have already a serious clearance. I am very happy. Hope is everything ok with you. I have finished the first bottle, and i have already started the second bottle. In some places (e.g. hands) i use the product nearly every day. In the rest of the places, i use it every other day, about the same time before going to bed. From the very beginning i use a small brush. Just to be quite with myself, and because the posting takes a few days, i have just put another order via the site for 2 bottles. Once again, thank you very much.

Hi Said,
Frank Psaila commented on your status. Frank wrote: "Take care Said, you have made a positive change to many lives and you deserve all the best that comes to you in this new year and the future. All the best.."

I’m Z Maas from England. I just use your proZ92 since 5 month and I’m very happy with. It`s the first time I could to remove the psoriasis from my skin. But I have a question. 5 month ago I went to the GP because the psoriasis was very active. He offered to me PUVA treatment which will begin 10.Nov.2011. It is a bath with light treatment. In to the water they put some solution and the ingredient are lemon, lime, celery. My question is could I use this treatment with your proZ92 or better if I do not mix them?? Anyway need I this PUVA? To be honest I’m a nurse and belief me I was tried everything, I mean everything including lot`s of steroid cream. I just would like thanks to you this product, God bless you forever! So, I waiting your answer, thank you
Nov 6th 2011.

Hi Said,
Thank you for your great product, after suffering from psoriasis for the last 20yrs and spending a fortune on creams and potions with minimal effect I must admit I was a little skeptical about if your product would work. Fortunately my psoriasis is fairly mild but still annoying with permanent small patches on my knees, elbows , left calf , scalp and a small area on my lower back, but I do occasionally suffer with outbreaks on my legs which make me look like I have chickenpox! Luckily these have spontaneously resolved over a few months, but my last outbreak didn't disappear. As a summer holiday was coming up I started looking for a solution I found your website and thought I may as well give it a go. Along the way I must admit that I had my doubts as to whether the treatment was actually working, the spots seemed to get redder and there always seemed to be more appearing, but I persisted and around the 70 day mark I could definitely see where it was working particularly on my stubborn areas- knees and elbows I actually had patches of psoriasis free skin!. I went to Bali in September and didn't use any product for 2 weeks, luckily the sun did its job and when I came back home I was 80% better than before with most of the outbreak spots on my legs gone. I have restarted my treatment and hence ordered more product in the hope of gaining 100% success, I remain highly confident and look forward to a psoriasis free summer for the first time in 20yrs.
Many Thanks,

Karen. Oct 20 11 Australia

Dear Said,
Many thanks for your nice email, no problem at all for the shipping, just take your time. The treatment is going really well, the psoriasis is disappearing week after week, I’m really very happy about the results; I will try not scratching it, as suggested. Enjoy your holiday and thank you for everything you are doing for us. Take care
L J Oct 18 11 Switzerland

Dear Said,
I was so happy to find your website again after much searching on the internet (I had forgotten your name and the name of the product). I first used your lotion in 2008, and have had complete remission from the psoriasis until a couple of months ago, when it returned. I know how well your product works, and am so grateful to be reconnected with it! Thank you for producing it and making it available.
Margot USA Aug 1st

I have used ProZ92 for several months, and it has worked very well. I have also recommended it to others, and those who used it also reported back that they were grateful for the recommendation as it worked for them as well.
Sue, USA 06/29/11

Hi Said, I have been meaning to get back to you. The treatment worked really well and I am now practically psoriasis free (apart from some minor scarring on my feet and knees where it was really bad) but overall I am extremely happy with it. Thank you so much!
Tracey. May 11

Hello, my son has been using Proz92 for 2 1/2 weeks now and what a true blessing, my question is: isn’t there a way to order more than one bottle at a time? Seems like the shipping and handling is quite high, understandable, it is coming from Israel but someone like my son, who has it quite a bit all over his body, will certainly need more than one bottle. What a blessing to have found your site, I know a lot of people that could benefit greatly from this natural product.
Thank you so much and may God bless,
K. C. USA Mar 14 11

Hello Said
Just to let you know I have been using PROZ92 since 5th January this year and so far the results have been amazing. The psoriasis was on the soles of my feet and was extremely distressing as it affected all aspects of my life and my ability to do normal things like go for a walk. I was only somewhat comfortable wearing bedroom slippers and only left the house when necessary. I can't believe the difference now as the psoriasis is almost gone and I am free from itch for the first time in three years. I will pass on the good results to anyone I encounter with the same problems. In the meantime should I continue using PROZ92? Once again thank you for giving me my life back again.
N O UK Mar, 11th 11

Dear Said !
How are you?
I hope everything is OK with you.
i am very happy concerning your excellent product.
I must say that you have really saved my skin healthy
And given me a better life
G L Feb 18 2011

Hi Said,
I hope you are well and me too. Last time when I was talking to you I gave you some bad news regarding my skin problem that psoriasis has spread to 85% from 60% of the body. But now you cannot believe what has happened over the past two months it has healed about 75% of the body and the remaining 10% is healing very well. Thank you Said, this is for the first time happening after 8 years suffering from psoriasis.
SI South Africa Feb, 6 2011

Hello my progress has been fantastic thank you I would never have believed that something could work as I have used every cream going I even went to a Chinese herbalist which I did see an improvement but could not afford it as it was £200 a month I cannot thank you enough.
N.A UK Jan 31 11

Dear Said Moady,
this is my second order from you and I am absolutely happy with your treatment.
You changed my life. I give your treatment to everybody, when I see psoriases.
Thank you very much
N. N Dec 2 10

Hi Said, I received the ProZ92 nearly a week ago and am amazed at the results so far. My psoriasis is mainly on my legs and the back of my arms with the occasional spot/s on my body. The itching has stopped and the redness fading away. So much so that I can see clear new white skin and am happy to wear skirts again! Fantastic! Thanks again, Julie

Thank you! I love this stuff! It is the only thing I've ever used that actually clears up my psoriasis. I had almost given up hope of ever wearing short sleeves again and now I can wear them all the time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am doing well. I left the bottle I had in a refrigerator at a hotel week before last, which is why I am ordering again. I like what it is doing. So far, it appears to be the best nonprescription remedy I have found. I'll keep you posted. Michelle

Hi Said, I am doing very well thank you! I have a few small spots still and need some more to be completely clear. I have saved enough to finally get some and I am so excited! It is great to know that there is something that actually works for me. I no longer feel hopeless. Thank you for creating this solution! I will send recent pictures asap! Thanks again! :) Kristina

Hi Said, I have been meaning to get back to you. The treatment worked really well and I am now practically psoriasis free (apart from some minor scarring on my feet and knees where it was really bad) but overall I am extremely happy with it. Thank you so much! Tracey.

Hi Moady I am destined to forever suffer from bits and pieces of psoriasis here and there on my body. Fortunately with your miracle medication I have been keeping it under control and when I had the terrible outbreak of psoriasis you saved my life, or should I say my skin. Thank you with all my heart. G. N Australia

Firstly I can't thank you enough for what your product has done for my psoriasis. I had it on pretty much every part of my body but now it is basically gone. Currently I don't use the ProZ92 anymore and just have some dark patches that are now fading back to normal skin color. This product is outstanding!!! Being unaware of this disease until about 12 months ago. I went down the standard path. Skin specialist with dangerous and expensive medications. Of course with no results. I decided then I needed to find out who else has this problem and if there is any way to fix this so called incurable disease. After doing many hours of re-search (this is how I found you) I couldn't believe the stories I had read on how many people suffer from, the extent and the amount of years they have been putting up with psoriasis. Why isn't ProZ92 recommended or prescribed to every sufferer of psoriasis by the skin specialists in Australia? I think this is a total injustice. For me this was a relief and even if it wasn't the relief from pain, scratching and the bleeding it offered is better than anything I had previously used. I did find putting it on with a small paint brush is so much easier and you have less waist. I have recommended and sent the link to your website to anyone who has mentioned to me they have or know someone who has psoriasis.
Craig Australia


All I can say is thank you so much, you have given my husband his life back this is the first year that he has really been able to enjoy our summer holiday because he is no longer hiding under winter clothes and was able to put a pair of shorts and enjoy swimming in the pool with our 3 year old daughter. All of his skin has improved drastically, he just has thin layers and a few stubborn spots which have been harder to get rid of. When do you suggest to stop using the solution. Should he wait until he can no longer see any sign of the psoriasis? Thank you again Julie Australia Jan 22 10

"Hi Said!
I have been using Pro Z92 on my legs, elbows and scalp since April of '09. I am happy to say that I have had great results! I am CLEAR on my legs and elbows! This past August I cut all of my hair off and got a wig because I was not able to treat my scalp profitably. It was the scariest thing I have ever done! I was so convinced that it was the only way to get rid of it. My scalp was covered in psoriasis. I have seen a huge improvement since then. I want to thank you for changing my life! I have told quite a few people about your product. I would love to see more people with psoriasis benefit from this amazing product. I am convinced that most people think that there is no relief, they have been trained to think that they have to live with this horrible disease. I would like the chance to be able to share this with others. Thank you so much for everything.
Dena :)"
Dec 18 09 USA

Dear Moady
Thank you for sending me your magical pro Z 92 couple of months ago. It really did work when all else failed. I am very pleased and grateful for your remedy. Thanks again,
Kindest regards, G N Australia Nov 30 09

Hello, I want to tell you I am very pleased with the results of proz92, the patches on my legs are gone, on my torso are fading almost gone and my scalp is improved but will just not go away. Any ideas for my pso. it is behind my ear and in my nape of neck. I am reordering today.
I Schreiber Nov 20 09

I have been using this product with some success. The patches on my legs have totally gone, it has not returned in 8 weeks, no sign of it either. The rest is defiantly looking much better. I think the peroxide wash prior to application is key, Peroxide is a very low ph (3.0) and I think this is why, this combined with very acidic solution is doing the trick. On my scalp it helps, stops the itching but hasn’t cleared it completely. Possibly because i need to shampoo and reapply, I will continue to use it as its the best i have used so far. I am scared to use Embrel the side effects sound horrific.
S. H. Nov 19 09

This is my first post and, from what I've read in other posts, this makes me a suspicious character. However, I am not a shill for ProZ92 or Said Moady. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has had psoriasis for 10 years on legs, back, scalp and arms. I have used mostly Halobetasol with very brief trials of Vit D and other creams. I have now been using ProZ92 since about April 15, 2009, and have almost no plaques left. Skin is clearing, itching is GONE. The plaques that formed after starting the ProZ92 are now also almost gone. The product is expensive (but a little goes a LONG way) and the treatment requires an amazing amount of self-control, due to the itching. But it is working for me.
Posted on the net August 09

I have been using ProZ92 since April of this year. My legs, from the knee down, were 50% covered. After 12 weeks they were completely clear. I have not treated them in 3 weeks and it has not come back. I also have it on my scalp. I was treating my head but had a really hard time getting it all. I decided that the only way to get rid of it was to shave my head. I know it sounds crazy, but you do what you have to, right?! I will keep you posted.
Posted on the net by Brook August 2009

Said-Just want to tell you I am using the product on my elbows, and for the first time in YEARS can actually see pink skin. I have a very mild form, but my elbows and areas on my scalp have been affected. This product is wonderful, the sting at first does not bother me in the least, and look forward to using it on my scalp next. I have spent so much time and money on lotions, Rx lotions, visits to the doctor's only for it to satisfy the condition on a temporary basis-this is actually doing something!
Thanks again,
Cathy August 13, 2009 USA

This stuff works! I've had psoriasis for 10+ years and have used cortisone cream up until April. I started using the ProZ92 in mid-April, and my legs are almost plaque-free. Two things makes ProZ hard for some people to stick with: 1) you have to be absolutely assiduous about not scratching or peeling off plaques. This can be murder. You have to have an almost inhuman degree of self-control. And 2) your psoriasis gets worse before it gets better. This is scary, but the new stuff goes away along with the old. You do get used to smelling like vinegar or tub caulk and, frankly, that seems a small price to pay for legs and arms that you can someday uncover. I have also found Said Moady to be very helpful and encouraging, and he responds quickly to emails.
posted by :
Kristen Masters, USA.
July 22 09

Dear Said, hope you are well.
I wanted to take my time and thank you for the medicine you have provided.
As a psoriasis infected person life becomes very difficult and normal things that I could do before became impossible, such as swimming in public or wearing shorts etc etc. You are doing miracles for people and yet again I would like to say thank you very much Said, a lot of people are dependent of the relief for this disease so keep up the good work.
Sincerely yours
Hanazi June 25, 2009 Sweden

Hi from Francis
Keep up your great work.
You are succeeding where sadly thousands of dermatologists around the world are failing miserably and been paid handsomely for doing it.
Cheers, June 15, 2009 Australia

Hi Said!
I just want to tell everyone that this works! I had p on my legs and after 5 weeks my legs are 95% clear, so thank you Said and thank you God!!!
Dena USA May 27 09

Hello. I thank you for helping my brother Frank from savannah signs.
Seeing him for the first time in a while brought tears to my eyes seeing
how your solution helped him and what a positive impact it has had in his life.
He tells me allot about your wonderful product and seeing what it has done for him
has compelled me to write to you to say thank you from my heart. Keep up the good work.
It's special people like you that make a positive change to people's lives. Cheers...
Maria Australia, May 7, 2009

PRO Z92, it works and is worth every penny . I have suffered from psoriasis for 20 years. I have used all of the quarterzone creams, tried everything imaginable until my wife and i were surfing the net one night and came across the PRO Z92. Sensational product. It did sting at first but i did get over that barrier as i had around 40% of my body covered, and now after three months I have had around the 80% improvement and better every day and in some areas i am completely reliefd, so, to put it simply it works. All the other creams only cloaked the symptoms, this gets rid of the bad cells that cause the Psoriasis scales, i have done my research. The Manufacturers there are excellent in communicating with you and answering your questions. My friends here in Australia have seen my progress and, believe it or not, alot of them who do suffer and did not let anyone know have now taken details of me and, to date, that i know of, there are another 4 bottles sold. All i simply have to say is....... FORGET WHAT YOUR DOCTORS HAVE TO SAY, THERE IS A relief, THIS IS IT, IT MAY TAKE A WHILE BUT IT GETS THE JOB DONE and to all of you pessimistic people out there.. IGNORANCE, DON'T KNOW HOW FAR IT IS GOING TO GET YOU AFTERALL IT IS RISK FREE AND IT IS YOUR LOSS, I KNOW AS I AM GETTING BETTER AND NEARLY CLEAR.... I CAN NOT STOP PRAISING THIS PRODUCT AS I KNOW I GOT MY LIFE Back, Frank April 17, 2009

I'd recommend this product - but give it time. When I first used it 7 months ago, my psoriasis developed hard scales. Also it stings when you first use it. I could see why people would stop after a few applications. It took about a week for new skin to grow underneath. this process is still happening after 6 months but much less severe. This is by far the best stuff to use. I have used coal tar / UV light / Steroids / cortisone / diet changes. All of these other things do something but none seem to reduce the problem. Pro Z92 is reducing my psoriasis problem over time. I had persistent marks on my face and these have now smoothed over. It is definitely the best solution. Here's a tip: I apply it with a small paint brush as this seems more efficient as a lot of the liquid gets soaked into a cotton ball. Email me if you would like more details! It is definitely incredibly good value for money! Best, Adrian

Hi Said,
It’s actually my 18-year old daughter Emma who unfortunately has psoriasis. She heard about your medicine from The First American Top Model-show where someone had used it successfully. Now that Emma has used one bottle of Pro Z92, she is already so happy with the results that she is planning to wear a fairly short cocktail dress with no sleeves on her graduating day this May. We thank you for the tips and wish you happy New Year too! Yours, Susanna UK Jan 30 09

Thank you. I have used one bottle of Pro Z92 and have seen a tremendous improvement already. This next one should really clear it for me. THANK YOU, Barbara Jan 2 09 USA

Dear Mr. Moady, thank you for a very good treatment, I am using Pro Z92 for 68 days and my psoriasis is 90% cleared, needles to say, my body was covered over 70% with psoriasis. I see in the news about the war in your country, I hope you are safe we need you and your treatment. Thank you. M USA Dec 28 08

Hello again said, Pro Z92 is remarkable treatment, I have been telling many people about this fantastic treatment. My skin has not been this clear in years! I'm wondering when I should stop treatment on the places that have Cleared up. Also, there appear to be some new spots coming up in Places that would rarely flair up. Should I treat these new places? Every night for the first week? Thanks again! Adrian, Nov 9 08 Australia

Hi said I already purchased this a month ago and it had really cleared this up for my sister as she suffers from psoriasis. I did not realize she had some also in her scalp so I thought I better order some more. This product is absolutely great. Although a little painful and a few tears during the first week or so whilst drying out, it has really cleared this from her neck as it was really bad and we have tried many many different products from all over the world. This is really really great and has really worked. Many Many thanks. I am so glad I found the site for her. Regards, Sara UK Oct 08

“Hello! I am a Korean woman who has suffered from psoriasis for more than 20 years. Hearing that a developer would visit to Korea, a thousand emotions crowed on my mind. I would like to pay a tribute from the bottom of my heart to you. I bow my thanks to you from the bottom of my heart. I have been using strong steroids for a long time, and yet it was useless. I almost gave up receiving medical attention since such medical treatment was of no use for me. To make matters worse, I couldn’t afford to have a medical treatment due to personal reasons. However, in such worst situation, I came to know a ‘Proz’ Internet community. With help of a manager of 'Proz' Internet community, I got a special membership and started being treated with Proz about a month ago. An encounter with Proz gave me a new life for me. There is no more corneous substance on my shoulder, and I can hardly find scaly skin which has been scattered throughout the house before. Again, I would like to bow my thanks to you. Thanks to Proz and sincere helping hands, my life is getting energetic and vital. Somewhat feeling shy, I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to you even if you may not read this letter because of busy time. Thank you so much. I won’t neglect to have the treatment with Proz and I will make every effort to repay for those who helped me getting over psoriasis. I don’t know why tears come to my eyes. Again, I would like to bow my thanks to you from the bottom of my heart.”

The Pro Z92 worked so well for me. I want to show you and listen to your advice. Pro Z92 ... removes my psoriasis.

We believe Pro Z92 will bring us recovery and hope, as a Korean proverb says “Good medicine tastes bitter.”

Hoping happiness and health to you and your family.

I heave a deep sigh
Whenever I go to bed
In the hot summer
I really want to go to sleep
Just wearing cool underwear
Due to psoriasis
Covering my whole body
How many years should I go to bed
Wearing long sleeves and long pants 
Every morning
I saw white particles
All over the room
I know it is skin peelings
White and white
I tried to sweep everyday
But I couldn’t sweep out all of them
Condition getting better
But sometimes
My head full of skin peeling
And, in one year
Red flower blossoms in my face here and there
The forearm
The trunk
The legs
The knee
The shin as well as the calf…
How could my hips be comfortable?
In addition,
Why the nails and toenails go along with them?
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Should I smile or cry?
I have asked
So much
Oh! Lord
Oh! Lord
You gave me such suffering?
You gave me such intolerable suffering I can’t bear
A year has gone.
Another year has gone…
Getting better in this year?
Fully recovered in the next year?
When en excellent treatment shows up?
Now then
This year is
The year I have been waiting for
For such a long time
I finally encountered
Such an excellent treatment
Pro Z92
Here and there
Full of an exclamation of joy
Oh! Lord
Oh! Lord
How can I express my thankful mind? 

“I just want to thank you for the Z92 you’ve send me. It’s really the best of the best. I’ve tried lots of other medicines trying to relief psoriasis but this is the cherry on the cake. After the first week there was a BIG improvement on my feet.” —Marita, South Africa

“I am heartily grateful and beholden to you for the interest you have shown in my problem. Though I cannot swear that your treatments are the relief everyone has been looking for, it has certainly reliefd my problem” —William, United States

“As a physician and human being, I can’t stress enough the importance of this medicine that can bring an end to a very unpleasant chronic disease, something our conventional medicine has not yet succeeded in doing” —Dr. A.W., dermatologist, Israel

“I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. I feel better now that I have a product that will help me to control my skin problem. —Maria, Brazil

“Thank you for your devoted treatment and your follow up after each treatment, I will remember you forever because you reliefd my arms. How to thank you? I do not know. But I will tell everyone who suffers from psoriasis about you” —Haley, Israel

I want to report that your "magic potion" worked wonders on my severe scalp psoriasis, which is nearly gone now after two months of use. Thank you for developing such a uniquely effective product. Again, I thank you for such an effective medicine. —Margot, USA Jan. 16, 2008

This is our second order for my husband's head and trunk rash. His hair is gradually clearing and the trunk appears to be looking like it a my be responding. At any rate, we were thankful to get started to relieve him of the skin problem. He still itches badly at times but less often and thankfully. his head is 96% clear of rash...hopefully it doesn't return when whole head is cleared. —Lenora, USA Dec. 7

Hi everybody, I've tried everything there is on the market, from going to different hospitals to have new medication try-outs to UV threatment that almost caused me skincancer... I've seen it all. but then in my last attempt I found Proz92 en no! I'm am not making any money with this, I am just informing you all about this product that really is clearing my skin! (I can send you pics if you want to) I'm using Proz92 for 9 weeks now and my skin is clearing totally. At first I did not want to have faith in this product my boyfriend bought for me from the Internet. — Nanou, Belgium, Nov. 18, 2007

In regards to how Pro Z92 is working, about 20% of my P is now gone, while the rest has improved about 50%. Thus my P is still present, but it is still much improved. I will continue with the treatment since it is controlling my P and to see whether my P will improve further in the long run. I am hoping for the later. —Son, USA, Oct. 2007

Dear Said,

At the age of 15, I start to have large patches of scaly and itchy skin on my chest and my upper back; it was so bad that some time I scratch it till bleeding. At Yarka medical center they told me it is psoriasis and they start treating me with deferent kind of creams that some time it stops the itching for a short time.

During 10 years I went to see few dermatologists and most of them gave me the same medication and needless to say it did not help me at all.

December 12, 1993 at the age of 26 I start to use Z92, after the second week I start to see an improvement on my skin, after 6 weeks of treatments with Z92 my skin cleared of psoriasis.

Once again, I want to thank you for answering my wishes for a relief for psoriasis.

God bless you,

Soleman Hussein, Israel

May 1, 2007

Psoriasis treatment notes of Susan Aldeman; using Z92 November 22, 1998:

I am 70-80% covered with psoriasis. Coverage includes legs, hands, thighs, buttocks, arms and a little scalp. I have been told to use this product three times a week.

Day 1 Using a cotton ball. I cover all, or most, of affected skin. Stings!

Day 3 Same. The stinging is particularly bad on my torso-could be that the skin is more sensitive in that area.

Day 5-same. Week 2-day 8 this starts the twice a week application.

Day11 I believe that there is improvement in the skin on my torso.

Week 3-day 15 definite improvement in the skin on torso-lesions are lighter in color (pink, not so red) and seems to be”breaking up.” The covered area has healthy skin here & there-no longer one solid patch of psoriasis.

Day 18 same. Week 4-Day 22 Improvement continues. Especially on my torso.

Day 25- Nathan called, said that once a week application should be enough going forward.

Week 5-day 31 I begin using the product once a week.

Week 6- day 38 my torso is virtually cleared. I see improvement on my arms-particularly on the inside portion of the arms. Elbows and legs are stubborn.

Week 7 Day 38 application as usual.

Week 8 day 52 Improvement keeps going. A lot of my psoriasis patches are getting much lighter in color. Doesn’t sting as bad-could be that I am getting used to it though.

Week 9-day 59 Overall improvement continues. I know that I am not hitting every little patch of psoriasis with every treatment, but still all areas improve.

Week10-day 66 my hands and torso are cleared of all psoriasis! Legs, thighs, elbows are improving.

Week 11-day 73 I love this stuff!! I must say that I had serious doubts about it working. I have had psoriasis for about thirty years. After spending a lot of money and time seeing many, many doctors, I finally gave up.

The treatments offered by dermatologists were ineffective or had harmful side effects and only afforded temporary relief (if any). I am very pleased with the results that I am getting with this treatment.

Week12 day 80 the very small amount of scalp psoriasis that I had seems to have cleared up. Interestingly as I have not applied any of this product to my scalp.

Week 13-Day 87 I have noticed that there is greater improvement in my patches when I use this product after a hot soaking bath loosens the “flakes” of skin and then I am applying the treatment directly to the “new skin” under the flakes.

Week 14 Day 94 getting low on the product- I apply the treatment only to large patches that still remain.

Week 15-Day 101 improvement continues.

I met with Susan on Monday March 1 1999. She reported to me that she was now “90% clear” and using the Z92 once a week.

Mr. Said & Wahid Moady
Dear Sirs.
For the last 25 years, I was been suffering from the disease, *psoriasis* and received various medication and treatments, which eased my pain for a short period of time. This disease however returned, and it was unbearable, since it was covered all over my body, and needless to say, suffered greatly, especially in my work, as a judge in the district court in Haifa. Through coincidence and luck I heard that you treat this disease, after 3 weeks I already felt a significant relief, unbelievable, after the 9th week the disease has vanished and the color of my skin nearly normal. I feel wonderful as if I was born again, and this is at the age of 64 years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you with all my heart, and wish you luck and great success for you and for the people who are suffering from this disease.
H. Ariel May 18. 1994 Haifa

To whom it may concern
My name is Dr. Arie Waldman, general practitioner who specializes in skin disease. I personally suffer from psoriasis for about 20 years and tried many remedies in order to overcome this disease, to no avail. In July-August 1994 Mr. Moady of Yarka treated me 5 weeks with the his lotion. The lotion thickens the skin at the afflicted place and after a few days all the skin peels off and underneath a new and healthy skin emerges. This lotion made my chronic psoriasis disappear, something no other way I tried succeeded. As a physician and human being, I can’t stress enough the importance of this medicine, that can bring an end to a very unpleasant chronic disease, something our conventional medicine has not yet succeeded in doing.
Dr. A. Waldmann August 15 1994 Haifa

Dear Said;
I write in enthusiastic support of the lotion you are developing for the treatment of psoriasis. I was diagnosed with psoriasis in May, 1982, and shortly thereafter began treatment with a dermatologist who prescribed the application of an ointment containing coal tar. I had an almost immediate adverse reaction topically on all extremities as well as systemically. I required several weeks of treatment with oatmeal baths, other ointments and prednisone, the impression being that I was allergic to anything containing coal tar. Several years of treatment with various cream and ointments including time in the ultra-violet booth did not improve the condition. It had appeared as lesions initially in the navel area, then wrists, elbows, and finally the chest and lower back areas. When I retired in December, 1992, I came under the care of Dr. Charles Noyes of the Humana HMO. At my initial physical in January, 1993, he observed the bodily lesions and reconfirmed the diagnosis of psoriasis. He also brought to my attention the lotion you have been developing and provided me with your address. On February 2, 1994, I began application of your lotion on the wrists, elbows and arms. Treatment was on a weekly basis and a gradual improvement culminated in the complete disappearance of lesions in the above listed areas by April, 1994. The lotion was applied then to the chest and beck areas and by November, 1994, all other trunk areas were virtually clear and lesion free. As of this writing I am now completely free of all lesions. At no time did I experience any reaction to the application of the lotion and I am firmly convinced that it is a permanent relief for the lesions created by psoriasis.
Sincerely, R. Wiley, Sr. January 4, 1995 USA cc; Charles Noyes, MD
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